smartbuild systems release notes

SmartBuild 1-82 Release Notes

Please attend the webinar (or watch the post-production video) for demonstration and additional details.  Please contact support for additional information and let us know if you have any feedback.

New Features

  • Trim overlaps

    • Trim materials can now be set with an ‘Overlap’ in the Setup wizard

    • This will allow trim parts to overlap which effectively decrease the coverage length of a trim part

    • For example, if you use a 10’ long ridge trim part with a 6” overlap, 2 ridge caps will not cover a 20’ ridge (so you will end up with a quantity of 3-10’ ridge caps in this case)

  • Interior wall default settings

    • There is a new ‘Interior Walls’ group on the ‘Details’ tab below ‘Wall Liner’ that can be set in the framing rules

    • When inputting DIvider Walls you can pick settings for ‘Side A’ and a ‘Side B’

    • You can select a side to ‘Match Exterior’, ‘Match Liner’ (or ‘None‘)

    • This will match sheathing, wall trims, opening trims, girts and skirtboards accordingly

      • (Liner must be turned on to apply to the interior wall)

    • This is a first step for interior wall framing and liner options that will be expanded as we continue to work on interior wall input

  • Option to use jamb post instead of standard post when opening is placed against a standard post

    • A new checkbox called ‘Use Jamb Post instead of Standard Post’ is available for each opening type

    • If checked, when an opening is placed against a standard post then the standard post automatically switches to use the jamb post material

  • Option for material Outputs to use ‘Multiply by Qty Per Selling Unit’.

    • If turned on, all materials with a ‘Qty Per Selling Unit’ will multiply the required units by the quantity per selling unit

    • For example,  if a job requires 3 boxes of nails with 100 per box (and if this is checked on for the Output) then the quantity will be reported as 300 (and not 3 boxes)

  • Assemblies will now use the Pick Length instead of cut length when calculating materials

    • For example, If you have a calculation to use 1 screw per lineal foot of ridge cap.  If you have a 15 foot ridge and you call out 2-10’ ridge cap trim parts in a job, the calculation will give you 20 screws.  Previously you would get 15 screws.

  • Starting Models are now available through the API

    • GetStartingModels api returns the Id, Name, and image urls for all the starting models

  • Bug-Fix-Girt Blocking on walk door should stop at top of SkirtBoard

  • Bug-Fix-Several overhang issues especially with shed roofs

  • BUG FIX-Package selections don’t transfer correctly with Emodeler jobs

  • BUG FIX-Gable corner posts being cut short on main building and porch with inset gable

  • BUG FIX-Gambrel over a 16 pitch on the lower slope removes the gable edge trim

  • BUG FIX-40′ wide building with full length offset down zero eave porch removes wall sheathing

  • BUG FIX-Change which product systems control which trim types in some cases

    • Edge and Flashing trims are now controlled only by Roof Systems, and Fascia are controlled only by Overhang Systems

  • BUG FIX-The calculation of {MainBuildingExteriorMetalHeight} is wrong if there are overhangs.

  • BUG FIX-Remove white area when all materials are removed from panel

  • BUG FIX-Correctly handle signed PDF files for outputs

  • BUG FIX-Save As- does not work if cannot start from scratch

  • BUG FIX-Assemblies-If more than 1 condition then the Calcs only use the first condition on the list.

  • BUG FIX-Hidden materials break job and packages for builder