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SmartBuild for All Metal Buildings

Introducing the Construction industry’s ONLY Complete Design System for All Metal Buildings

What Makes SmartBuild Systems Stand Out?

The SmartBuild Systems design tool isn’t just a state-of-the-art metal building design program. 

It also functions as an invaluable sales tool for:

  • Contractors: SBS for all-metal buildings can increase sales close ratios from 15% to 50%. Instead of interviewing a customer and returning a bid in 1-3 weeks, SBS users can schedule live design sessions with their customers, fine-tune their design, and return a bid within 15 minutes.

  • Suppliers: SBS can be licensed out to contractors in exchange for purchasing commitments, bringing in new customers more quickly and without some of the more “competitive” tactics. SBS for suppliers also saves hours of manpower with automation and push-button ordering capabilities.

As a fully web-based design program, SBS eliminates the need for users to install updates and perform other maintenance functions, making it simple and convenient for anyone to use.

How the SmartBuild Design Tool Works for All-Metal Buildings 

With SmartBuild Systems for all-metal buildings, customers have the ability to design their projects from scratch and in real-time with a fully adjustable 3D model. 

Doors and windows are easy to add, and designs can include an unlimited number of attached buildings, interior walls, and insets.

At the end of the design session, you and your customer will have:

  • Cut lists for framing and panels
  • A full set of project drawings
  • Complete building materials list
  • Professional proposals you can hand over to the customer right away

Plus, SBS for All-Metal Buildings includes accurate 3D renderings of steel framing members, including I beams, galvanized steel tubes (of all sizes), and cee + zee section members. 

How SmartBuild All-Metal Building Software Plays into the PEMB Market

SBS provides a valuable service to building suppliers in the Pre Engineered Metal Building (PEMB) market.

Due to the heavy-duty overhead crane systems and mechanical units loaded on the roofs of PEMBs, these types of buildings must be individually engineered.

In this case, SBS can work in concert with the widely used Metal Building Software (MBS). First, SBS customers can use SBS with prospective clients to do live design sessions (or allow clients to design their own on a website) to capture the architectural design requirements for a building. SBS then makes all that building information for MBS or other engineering programs accessible either for manual input or automatic model generation using the SBS API.

Free Live Demo and Trial

Just like the original post frame software, SmartBulld Systems for All-Metal Buildings puts your business a step ahead of the competition. With the ability to design projects live and in real-time, and submit a bid at the end of the design session, SmartBuild Systems makes your business the easy choice for your next prospective customer.

Call today for a free live demo and learn how SmartBuild for All-Metal Buildings can elevate your business. We also invite you to try SmartBuild for All Metal Buildings with a free trial you can start today!