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SmartBuild System’s Increases Distributor’s Sales by 15%

In September of 2018, Burrow’s Post Frame Supply became one of the first companies to implement SmartBuild Systems, the industry’s only complete design system for Post Frame buildings.

In the months that followed, Burrow’s established its entire database in the SmartBuild System and set up several of its Dealers. When Dealers started submitting orders with a single button click, eliminating the need for additional takeoffs or data entry, Burrow’s president, Chad Blish said,

“We want to increase our Dealer base and offering our version of SmartBuild is going to help us do that in record time.”

And it has…

Now – in just the past 3 months – Burrow’s has increased its sales pace by more than 15% with new contractors who have switched because of SmartBuild!

According to Burrow’s SmartBuild Administrator, Brandon Hamilton, the feedback from contractors has been extremely positive,

“Once you show them this process and get them to see the benefits and the ease of it, and that they can do it themselves, they absolutely love it!” Thinking of a specific example, Brandon continued, “We set up a guy yesterday and he’s thrilled to do his own quotes. He said he’s used every kind of software and SmartBuild does things that nothing in the industry has ever been able to do.”

It’s not just the technical side of SmartBuild that Dealers love, however, according to Brandon,

“Contractors now have the ability to sit down with their customers and build out their visions and dreams right there in front of them instead of trying to explain what they can do while drawing it on a piece of paper. It’s really user-friendly to get it on the screen and let the customer imagine their building fulfilled on their piece of property. It makes their turnaround times really fast.”

SmartBuild doesn’t just make easy work for contractors, though. Brandon says the system has lightened the load on the distributor as well,

“Before SmartBuild, we had a lot of time-consuming work, going through the material lists and making changes because it wasn’t accurate. Once you got that done, you had to manually key in everything on the list then send it along with your sketches to the customer which could take up to a whole day. With SmartBuild, we dump it all in our system and get line by line items, a process that takes about 20 minutes so we get quotes turned around extremely fast, it’s blown my mind!”

To learn more about becoming a Burrow’s Dealer, email Dave Welch or call 785-813-5298.